Why We Do It

In our conversations with clients, one of the important things for us to determine is their “Why.”  Why they do what they do?  What is their internal motivating force?  Accordingly, we felt it was appropriate that we explain our “Why” here.  Our collective “Why” can be summarized in the three main areas listed below.

Serving Others

Every employee at Flagstone takes pride and joy in serving others.  This seems to be something with which one is born or isn’t so we pay particular attention to those that have a “serving” mindset when putting together our team and considering new team members.  Whether it is a timely phone call, preparing comprehensive goals based financial plans or coordinating with clients’ estate planning and tax planning professionals with the goal of reducing taxes and increasing legacy gifts, etc., we love the satisfaction of adding value to our clients.  Many advisors tell their clients what to do, we do it for them or hold their hand during the process.  We work hard in every possible situation to serve our clients at the highest level and in a manner that we would want our closest loved ones to be served if we were not available to do so.

We Love What We Do

We have come to realize that different people are wired to do different things at a high level.  Some might consider this odd, but we love the minutia and the day-to-day process of financial management.  We enjoy spreadsheets, reading about finance and planning, acting like a psychologist one minute and reviewing a financial statement the next minute.  The financial world, news cycle and 24/7 access to information has added a level of complexity and noise that many individuals can’t sort out effectively.  Sorting out the noise and getting our clients to focus on what is important is what we do all day, every day.  It has been said that financial planning is easy math and tough decisions.  We’ll help you make those tough decisions.


One of the best things that happens in our business is friends become clients and clients become friends.  Getting to know people at a deeper level and sharing their most personal fears and aspirations is a privilege.  Our most successful client relationships are those that go beyond basic financial calculations and get into the topics of hopes, dreams, and fears.

We also value the relationships between our team members and their families.  Through our business and efforts in helping clients, we have the opportunity to improve the lives of our team members and the one’s they love.  There is little more rewarding than watching someone you care about grow and develop in ways they didn’t see possible.  We have aligned our compensation and business structure so that when our clients succeed, we all succeed.