What We Do

At Flagstone Financial Management, we understand that the most important things in life aren’t necessarily financial. True wealth is often found in your relationships, spiritual connections and experiences. Our approach is to work with you to create a comprehensive goals-based financial plan meant to simplify an otherwise complex world so you can focus on those things that really matter in life. 

Pathway Planning

Flagstone Financial Management has financial planning and wealth management at the core of its client relationships. We feel investing without an understanding of your goals, entire assets and liabilities picture, income streams and future obligations is not nearly as effective as investing with a clear view of your entire financial situation. Your investments should coordinate with your plan. Over time, we will learn about your entire financial picture and work with you to make sure that you are on the right path, understanding that we will regularly need to analyze and update your plan, and manage any changes in circumstances or desired outcomes. In other words, the financial planning process is a living, breathing and constantly changing process and we are there along the way to guide you through that process.   

If you choose to work with Flagstone Financial Management, you can expect us to walk through the following steps:

1. Gather and Organize

2. Goal Setting

- Helping you establish goals and discover your “Why.”

3. Planning

- Proactively and responsively planning for your future by creating a written financial plan and focusing on these key areas of the financial planning process:

  • Life Income Planning (Asset Distribution and Social Security Planning)
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Asset Allocation and Investment Management
  • Insurance Analysis
  • Education Funding

4. Education

- Educating you on all areas necessary to make sound financial decisions; and

5. Leadership and Accountability

- Partnering and aiming to guide you towards a successful financial pathway and ensuring you are taking all the steps you have committed to doing to pursue your goals and objectives.

Note: We don’t “sell” insurance products. However, we do help clients make independent and unbiased decisions about the correct insurance coverages in conjunction with 3rd party insurance providers. We are not practicing attorneys or accountants so much of the tax and estate planning work will be done in cooperation with your estate planning attorney and accountant.