Who We Are

You want to find a pathway to your future

You’re on a financial journey. You decide the destination, and we help you get there. Together, let’s determine the best way to take the next step.

You want to find a pathway to your future

You’re on a financial journey. You decide the destination, and we help you get there. Together, let’s determine the best way to take the next step.

the flagstone family

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Michael T. Johnson, J.D., CFP®

Founder & Senior Wealth Advisor

Michael T. Johnson, J.D., CFP®

I grew up in Hastings, NE in an Ozzy and Harriet kind of world. I had two loving parents who supported me and taught me how to treat people, be responsible, work hard and live a content, but relatively frugal life. I started work at a young age and was very active in sports. I played a year of baseball at a college in Alabama and then transferred to Nebraska for my sophomore year to focus on school (and my social life). Through those efforts I learned a lot of great lessons related to hard work, working as a team, leadership, building relationships and what it takes to succeed. 

I love working with clients and building Flagstone. However, my real passion and purpose is my family.  My wife Jill and I have been married for longer than 21 years. We have a 16-year-old son named Sam, a 12-year-old daughter named Sophie and a Labrador retriever named Rocky. We spend a lot of time watching our kids play sports, playing Uno, Monopoly and other games and trying to capture as many experiences as we can before they are out of the house. I also enjoy golfing, reading, listening to audiobooks and podcasts, and spending time with friends. 

  • Juris Doctor Degree
    • 1999, University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Law
  • B.S. in Business Administration, Major: Economics
    • 2008, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    • 2010
  • Industry experience since 2002



Daniel Stous, CFP®

Lead Wealth Advisor

Daniel Stous, CFP®

When my wife and I were newlyweds before I was in the financial planning profession, we got some bad financial advice from a few different financial “advisors”. With little knowledge of how different compensation structures worked, we trusted in people who were really selling a product instead of providing fiduciary advice. Now, I help people avoid some of the same mistakes I made. As a fee-only planner, I work with clients to help them determine whether they’re on a path to meet their goals and form recommendations if they need to make some adjustments.

I’ve lived in Lincoln for nearly my entire life. I married my wife, Kate, in 2013. We have two Balinese cats named Neville and Luna after some of our favorite Harry Potter characters. I love traveling to new destinations and enjoy saving money on traveling by using points almost as much as I love traveling itself. I’m also passionate about good food, good drink, and good music. I’m also somewhat of a barbecue enthusiast – eating it, and making it. In fact, I’m writing this bio while in a 4-hour line for brisket at Franklin BBQ in Austin, Texas.

  • Master of Business Administration, Focus: Finance
    • 2013, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • B.S. in Business Administration, Major: Finance
    • 2008, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    • 2018
  • Industry experience since 2015



Amy Auch Moedy

Associate Wealth Advisor

Amy Auch Moedy

The things that drive me most are relationships.  I don’t want just passing interactions, I want to get to know who people are, their history, what they’re passionate about and then make connections to how their make-up relates to their needs.  My hope is that each person I encounter feels genuinely valued and cared for, whether in brief interaction or deeper relationship.

I grew up in Kearney, NE, where I met and married the love of my life, Matt. We have 3 delightful kids together- Sam, Josie and Stella, and our Husky-Lab mix, Rory.  My favorite time is spent with them, particularly exploring nature and traveling, both within the U.S. and internationally. I earned my Bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I am especially drawn to water, in both frozen and liquid form; I love sledding with my family, snow-skiing, ice-skating, waterskiing, kayaking, open water swimming… the list doesn’t end!  I like to grow personally and challenge myself in work and play. A goal of mine is to learn to sail- yes, in land-locked Nebraska!



Danny Clare

Associate Wealth Advisor

Danny Clare

When I was 18 years old, I was shown how compound interest and time can impact peoples’ financial lives and, more importantly, retirement. Since then, I have thoroughly enjoyed helping people in all seasons of their financial life, whether they’re just getting started on investing, or they recently retired. Even though I just started in the profession in 2016, I’ve witnessed a lot of friends receive poor financial advice from other advisors. That has encouraged me to make sure that doesn’t happen to any peers of mine anymore.  Working as a fiduciary, I provide advice in the best interest of our clients, and I am confident that the financial planning and service we provide at Flagstone are top tier.

Born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska, I grew up alongside my family as a huge Nebraska Cornhusker fan. As a season ticket holder, I really enjoy attending Nebraska basketball and football games. I have been a sports fanatic my whole life and continue to primarily play golf, basketball, and tennis. I love cocktail hours, great food, and better company. I get all of those at once when I visit both sets of grandparents during Sunday night dinners. They’re always the highlight of my weekend and a great start to the week!



Stephanie Tredway

Operations Manager

Stephanie Tredway

When I was young, I would often play office – either at home or when I had the chance to go to work with my dad on occasional Saturdays, which I loved to do.  I liked the office supplies, I filled out pretend forms, I used the adding machine with the spool of paper tape and I enjoyed keeping it all organized.  Now I get to do many of those same things each day – although I have added a few more skills and responsibilities to that list!  The best part of my job though is the relationships I have formed with our clients and team members over the years.  I want them to know that I care about them and to feel confident that I will always help them as quickly and efficiently as I can. 

My financial career started in 1994 at the National Bank of Commerce which is also where I later met my husband, Aaron.  We were married in 2000 and a few years later we started our family. Caden and Paxton are our sons and we also have two kitties, Whisky and Prix.  What I appreciate most in life is my time at home with all of them.  I feel very fortunate!  I also spend my time taking walks, working on our landscaping, and watching the Huskers (especially the volleyball team!).  I admittedly try to keep my life pretty simple so that I have time to appreciate and handle all the excitement, challenges and beauty that it inevitably brings.

  • Associates of Accountancy
    • 1993, Southeast Community College
  • Series 66 License
  • Industry experience since 2007



Brenda Zitek

Senior Client Service Associate

Brenda Zitek

I was born and raised in Lincoln, and have a background in customer service. That background led me to banking, where Stephanie Tredway hired me as a Lead Teller. It was a great job where I could do two of my favorite things – solve problems, and help clients. I went on to become a Service Manager where I led and coached my own team. After Stephanie and I worked together at the bank, we worked together at a Nebraska-based brokerage firm, where I had the opportunity to learn about the investment world. It was there that I met Michael Johnson, Flagstone’s founder. Now, Stephanie and I work together again at Flagstone, where I continue to solve problems and help our clients.

My boyfriend, Dane and I keep very busy taking care of our babies:  two Great Danes, Harlee and Odin, and our Shih Tzu mix, Sophie.  When we aren’t working on home improvement projects or cooking up new recipes, you can catch us hiking around the local lakes. We also love spending time with our families and having them over for dinner. My dream is to travel around the country visiting historical landmarks and national parks. I have yet to meet an animal I didn’t like and would love to one day hold a sloth.

  • B.S. of Business Administration
    • 2002, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Series 66 License
  • Industry experience since 2008



Bev Williams

Client Service Associate

Bev Williams

I am often the first person to greet our clients when they visit or call our office.  I was in home design and retail sales most of my life, and have more than 20 years of design and management experience. So, my desire to help others and attention to detail fit perfectly with my role here at Flagstone.  I am involved in many behind-the-scenes tasks that keep our office running smoothly. I love the flexibility of my part-time position at Flagstone and especially enjoy working a few steps away from my son, Michael Johnson.

My husband Brad and I stay busy playing bridge with friends, golfing, following the Huskers, going to movies and traveling.  We were fortunate to fulfill one of the buckets on our bucket list by spending time in Arizona this past winter.  I also still enjoy playing tennis and continue to play on a USTA team.  One of our yearly highlights is playing in a Kansas City tournament. We love spending time with family and watching the grandchildren grow into ‘individuals’ with a wide variety of interests.  It will be fun to see what the future holds for them.

  • B.S. in Education
    • 1970, University of Nebraska-Kearney
  • Industry experience since 2010



How We’re Different

the fee-only approach

Flagstone Financial Management is proud to be a fee-only financial planning and investment management firm. 

But what does fee-only mean?

It means we don’t accept any kind of commission. Many financial planning firms get commission from insurance companies or mutual fund companies for selling their products, but that creates conflicts of interest. Our only source of revenue is the fees our clients pay us.

By refusing commission, we minimize conflicts so we can provide honest advice to you. This commitment to our clients designates us as fiduciaries, which means we are legally obligated to put your best interest ahead of our own.

We want to hear your story.

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Our Purpose

Improving clients’ lives

Life gives us all unique opportunities and challenges. But each opportunity can be seized and each challenge can be overcome with careful financial planning. 

Flagstone’s mission is to positively impact our clients’ lives. We want to help you realize your dreams of opening your own business, paying for your child’s education or becoming debt-free. 

We are legally obligated to provide advice in your best interest and educate you about your finances. We cut through the financial jargon to the heart of what really matters to you. With our expertise and dedication, we can plan your unique financial path together so you can pursue your most fulfilling life.

Our Passion

Forming Relationships

One of the best things we experience as financial planners and wealth advisors is friends becoming clients and clients becoming friends. 

It would be a privilege to get to know you on a deeper level. We’re passionate about learning how your past experiences with money have shaped your current views on finances and your future financial goals. It allows us to tailor our financial advice to be more impactful than simply throwing some spreadsheets in front of you without knowing what you care about.

Our Commitment

Expand access to Real Financial Planning

Regardless of where you are on your financial path, we believe you should have access to real financial planning. Some financial management firms have high investment minimums or only work with established investors—and that just doesn’t make sense to us. Everyone needs financial planning, so no one should be excluded from it. 

Flagstone doesn’t have any investment minimums. We only require our fee. If you value professional advice and you’re ready to pursue your goals, we can help.

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Ready to find the path to your desired financial outcomes? Reach out today to ask us any questions and discuss your current financial path. An initial consultation with Flagstone is a completely free and no-obligation way to see how we can assist your financial future.

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